7 common mistakes you should avoid in the naming process

As they are at the beginning of their careers, they are more open to suggestions and can more easily adapt to the scope suggest by the brand. 5. Authenticity Authenticity is a quality for any influencer, regardless of their size. However, it is 7 common mistakes you should avoid in the naming process common to observe that, with the increase in audience, the influencer starts to be more cautious in their actions in the virtual environment. This is not a negative thing, as it is the result of maturity in the profession. However, it results in more plann and less authentic content, rucing the connection with the audience .

Authenticity is a quality for

The other extreme is also not the best case scenario. Excessive authenticity can be harmful, after all, there must be responsibility regarding the content post, which results in a filter. However, the spontaneity present in influencers Greece Email List with a smaller follower base is something that generates greater proximity to the public and adds cribility points.

These are very apparent characteristics in nano influencers. How to hire nano influencers? The process of hiring nano influencers tends to be more direct and less bureaucratic. Most of them work alone or have a small team. Therefore, the recruitment, negotiation and hiring process becomes simpler and faster.

Geolocation and prominant gender

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The number of followers is a public metric made available by all social networks. Therefore, when this is the criterion taken into consideration, there will be no difficulties in finding the data. However, regardless of the strategy, taking into Australia Phone Number List account only the number of followers is not right. Factors such as niche, geolocation and prominant gender are essential for the key message to reach the right audience and the campaign objective to be achiev. However, this data is not public, which can cause a headache if the search is done manually. Currently, there is software specializ in searching and selecting influencers, such as Influency.


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