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Keep saying the zipper breaks off after a few wears. If you were doing social media monitoring, you’d reply by apologizing and offering to replace the product or give them a After doing some refund. You’re providing a quick solution to keep the customers happy. On the other hand, social media listening would involve going deeper into the root of the problem.

You listen to what they’re saying about the zippers

Breaking off and investigate the issue yourself. You come Oman Data up with a solution to alter the product so that future customers don’t get frustrated. When you do social listening, you can understand why people say what they do about your brand or what’s frustrating them and create more opportunities for your brand to grow and get better. You gauge your brand’s health If you never listen to what people say about your brand, how can you know where you stand in your customers’ eyes? By doing social listening, you understand if people view your brand positively or negatively and what’s causing them to feel that way.

Knowing this information is valuable to understanding

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Your brand’s position in the market. If you find that Brazil Phone Number List people view your brand favorably, you can compare that to your competition to see where you stand. When you know your brand’s health, you can take tactful steps towards building a more positive perception of your business. 4. You learn how people feel about your competitors In addition to understanding your brand’s position in the market, social media listening also enables you to see how people feel about your competition. This insight is valuable to your business because it can help you learn more about what your competition is doing and how your audience perceives them.

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