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In addition this tool provides information about indexing errors and warnings about potential problems relat to the security of the website. In order to effectively use Yahoo and Google for SEO optimization you should also use other optimization techniques such as creating unique website content and building external links leading to the website. HOW TO AVOID BEING BANN BY YAHOO AND GOOGLE FOR SPAMMING THE SEARCH ENGINE To avoid being bann by Yahoo and Google for spamming the search engine there are a few basic rules to follow.

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First of all avoid using SEO techniques that are consider unethical or illegal. These include but are not limit to linking to websites that contain pornographic Telegram Number Data or criminal content and creating fake websites. In addition it is important to avoid using keywords in an excessive or nonsensical way. Finally it is important to regularly monitor your details and ensure that they are up to date and correct. HOW TO EFFECTIVELY USE THE WHENU TOOL FOR SEO OPTIMIZATION The Whenu tool is an effective SEO optimization tool that can help you increase your site’s visibility in search results. It allows you to monitor the position of the website in search results as well as to analyze keywords and external links.

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To use the Whenu SEO tool effectively you must Phone Number first define your SEO goals and strategy. Next you ne to determine the keywords that will suit your SEO goals and strategy. The next step is to monitor the position of the website on given keywords and to analyze external links. The Whenu tool also allows you to create reports on the position of a website and its visibility in search results. Bas on the establish plan further alignment of the site with SEO goals and strategies can be spent on improving the content of the site optimizing the structure of the website and building external links.

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