Digital marketing and company success

It’s gratifying to see the evolution! Furthermore, we implement other ways of exploring learning in practice. We currently have an internal leadership development program, which works through study groups, where HR is the facilitator and developing Digital marketing and company success managers are the protagonists. We are finalizing the structure, which consists of five phases.

Needs assessment, to more deeply understand the key skills and competencies that managers need to develop in the medium term; Preparation of group dynamics, seeking to identify real situations/problems, whether current or hypothetical, for distributing tasks at meetings; Definition and distribution of groups.

Preparation of group dynamics

With schedule, arrangement of topics and managers based on identified needs; Holding meetings, encouraging managers to find assertive solutions to the proposed situations; and finally, Monitoring development, to evaluate the effectiveness of the program. Our benefits also promote learning.

We maintain an agreement with SESC and SENAC , offering employees a wide variety of discounts on courses, undergraduate, postgraduate, language courses, among others. Here at Tupiniquim we also offer other benefits, such as food Vietnam Phone Number Data vouchers, home office assistance, Gympass, Conexa Saúde (Telemedicine) and internal courses to improve in the area.

We cite some of Tupiniquim’s practices as inspiration to encourage people to reflect on how much and how they are seeking to acquire new knowledge. If you’re looking at our opportunities, know that we value those who are willing to continually learn. Read more at: Mentality and Continuous Development – ​​Leandro Karnal The new fountain of youth: lifelong learning.

Mentality and Continuous

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Commitment to continuous learning: tips to enrich your journey We also want to share some tips on how you can pursue lifelong learning Hong Kong Phone Number List on your own: Set aside at least 20 minutes of your day to study something new. If you can study longer every day, that’s great, but we know that in the rush of everyday life it’s a little difficult, and it can even be frustrating when we can’t.

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