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The best part is that when you create 3-5 different Pin templates with the free Canvas, you can use them all the time. After that, all you have to do is change the text and any background image and schedule the images on Pinterest.  avoid being pushed? 3. Storit Tips for readers and your own insights are easy to add to stories. For example, list 3 different tips and insights from the post and condense them into a 30-second story either by speaking the tips yourself or writing them as text. Remember to use other elements in the stores. Did you read this: Why you shouldn’t use or similar? 4. Questions Ask readers questions about the post or ask for their opinion about the post or the topic of the post. This way you can create a conversation on social media, which in turn boosts the visibility of your publications.

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People like to be able to . Try to keep the conversation positive and respectful of everyone, don’t give the opportunity for bullying or mumbling other people’s thoughts. 5. Rinse ‘n repeat The first time special data it takes more time to implement this. But once the models and bases have been made, the process is faster. Take advantage of Canvas’s ready-made templates, modify them to match the colors and fonts of your own brand. Now you know how to turn one blog post into four weeks of social media content. Pin the post to Pinterest Four weeks of social media content from one blog Posta lazy person’s affiliate marketing tip Affiliate marketing | 0 Comments | Tiia Continent This can also be shared… like HBO’s theme songs 0 SHARES Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn A lazy person’s affiliate marketing tip.

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They say there are no free lunches. But this tip will get you pretty close. Before we go any further, read the post at your leisure . If you just skip to the end of the post, to the official tip, you won’t succeed. The tip consists of two parts and therefore it is important that you read the entire post at your leisure. The post contains advertising links, the links are clearly Phone Number LT marked with (*). Quite a lot of us want money to come easily, without a lot of work. Although this is sort of an illusion, I have found a way around this and make the automatic, or passive, result a real passive. You need two things for that, one of which you already have. The other one you don’t have yet is a subscription based affiliate product. A subscription affiliate product is a product that customers buy and pay for regularly every month.

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