A lack of this fat is associated with a loss of immune control

Therefore, DHA fat specifically promotes the production of macrophages. Wich are typical cells of the immune response, and works by regulating this response to produce anti-inflammatory effects. Its action prevents the overexpression of allergic reactions. Parasites. The concept that helminth infection modulates allergic disease emerg in the 1980s and has been controversial ever since. Many studies investigating the interaction between helminth infection and atopy have produc little consensus. Meta-analyses have been to attempt to reconcile these differences, although these differences are also inconclusive.

While roundworms were found

A risk factor for the development of asthma, hookworm infection was protective. Infections with other parasites such as caterpillars, pinworms and Strongyloides stercoralis have no effect on asthma outcomes. In contrast, the presence Canada Mobile Number Database of caecilians was found in most studies to reduce the frequency of sensitization to at least one environmental allergen as measur by skin prick testing. After reviewing the results of various studies, we can consider that, on the one hand, helminth colonization is with a decrease in skin prick test reactivity and a decrease in atopic wheezing symptoms in childhood.

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In this sense

Animal models are crucial to demonstrate a causal relationship between the presence of helminths and the suppression of allergic inflammation. It follows that the prevalence of allergies is lower in rural life compar to urban life. But on the Albania Phone Number List other hand, we could also argue that paradoxically, helminth infection triggers many types of responses that are also pathogenesis of allergy, including the production of Th and type cytokines and the recruitment of mast cells and eosinophils. Therefore, if the parasite becomes dominant in our ecosystem, it may overexpress the response and cause allergic symptoms. One of the possible hypotheses that can be drawn from the literature review is that in urban life, there are fewer interactions with parasites and their presence may put a greater stress on our immune system than in rural life.

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