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Still schools, and even less so teachers, want to carry a model that requires them to think about how to make learning accessible (if it is easier to repeat), think about what reading or material suits my students (again I repeat), prepare material with the one that interacts (there is no money), generate innovative learning options (they don’t pay me enough). I already wrote about motivation in a previous article and without going that far, the DUA model is just that: a new way of reflecting motivation, so to speak.

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The DUA is the motivation of the 21st century.Professor Darlington argues that the relationship between humans and artificial intelligence will develop as simulat personalities become more convincing and intelligent business lead devices communicate with us using natural language in a similar way to a conversation with other human beings.imagination and innovation converge ; people who are able to work with others at any time and anywhere, making the concept of the office obsolete. little to the objective of ingraining in the student a significant knowlge that will later help you to function expertly in the workplace.

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