Necessary Symptoms That Have Been Demonized. Part

Last week we presented the first part of this post: Necessary symptoms Have Been Demonized that have been demonized. Part . Have Been Demonized Well, today it is the turn of the second part, where we will talk about inflammation and pain . Two other necessary symptoms whose elimination we tend to force. But, in the right measure, they are positive and beneficial for our body. Inflammation Inflammation is part of the initial immune response to isolate the pathogen , surround it with immune cells and eliminate it. Thus , it has two characteristics : it isolates and makes so -called immune cells to help phagocytize the pathogen . The body, when needed, stops the inflammatory process . Prostaglandin E molecules – mainly responsible for inflammation – have to increase enough to activate genes. These will give rise to substances that will activate the STOP signal to inflammation and begin to regenerate the tissue. These molecules are lipoxins.

Inflammation due to trauma or cut

In the event of local inflammation due to trauma , or a cut or injury , the same thing happens. We need to produce inflammatory substances so that they have a healing effect on the process of rising inflammation . A so-called immune system cells is produced . Thus, they go to the area where the tissue injury or infection has occurred . When they arrive, they phagocytize tissue in high quantities Vietnam Phone Number Data and stimulate the gene that produces the enzyme that gives rise to substances that will stop the inflammatory substance (lipoxins) and start the inflammatory process. In good inflammation , immune cells arrive . And, thanks to an enzyme called collagenase, the broken collagen tissue molecules are. But healthy collagen molecules surrounding the area are also stopped . This enzyme causes healthy collagen molecules to break down at the fourth amino acid , releasing a communicating substance.

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Inflammation due to injury

When we suffer an injury such as a sprain , for example, or a muscle tear, damage occurs to capillaries and tissue. Initially, vasoconstriction appears – reduction in the diameter of the blood capillaries. This ensures that the bleeding is as Algeria WhatsApp Number List small as possible . Fall of an athlete Healing of the blood capillaries and neutralization of bleeding takes or minutes at most . About how long it takes for the wound to stop bleeding. When this happens, the initial vasoconstriction ends and reactive vasodilation begins . An increase in the diameter of the blood capillaries that will have the objective of making a call for immune cells. At hours, the levels of prostaglandins and neutrophils reach the highest level and fibronectin is to begin rebuilding the damag area . From here the resolution process will begin thanks to the lipoxins resolvins and protectins. There is a clearing of cells of the defensive system , a cleaning of inflammation residues and tissue repair.

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