These are the benefits of Voice of Customer for business progress

Voice of Customer – Customers are the main lifeblood of for business progress business movements. Businesspeople must for business progress be clever at managing their business so that they have a strong customer base system. If not, the business will easily be eroded by competitors and also by developments in the world of the business niche itself. Yes, if you don’t understand customer behavior in the market, the impact of external factors that can “kill” the business will be much more pronounced, especially social and technological development factors. Understanding customers will give you broad insight as a consideration for carrying out certain marketing strategies . The biggest benefit, of course, is that it makes it easier for business people to choose the best marketing strategy as a result of A/B testing .

What is Voice of Customer?

To make it easier, we will just call this Voice of Customer VoC. VoC is a research method where the center or data source is the customer. This is done by collecting as much customer feedback as possible regarding the services Canada WhatsApp Number List or products offered. We can call this VoC part of customer acknowledgment, part of the business to find out customer feelings. Obtained from Qualtrics , this VoC is able to increase business people’s insight into the bidding process. The offers made will be much more attractive and also identical to personalized ads ( really according to customer needs ). Sales volume will also increase as a domino effect is obtained. It should also be noted that the existence of VoC will make it easier for companies to implement a social proof strategy . Around of consumers will be much more confident in making a purchase or repeat order if the product or service they want to buy has positive testimonials from previous customers.

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Various VoC Techniques You Must Know!

How do you implement this VoC technique in business? There are techniques you can use. of these VoC techniques are; Reviews. The first Voice of Customer technique that you can apply is asking for customer reviews . Reviews from Turkey WhatsApp Number List customers will certainly be very useful for the process of improving the quality of your product or service. You can ask directly or embed a review link to your customers. If you get positive reviews , then you can use it as social proof promotional material for potential new customers. Survey The next step is to utilize survey techniques. To be able to run it, design it by including the right questions according to your business niche . For example, does this skincare product really meet your needs for treating acne? Use an online platform with multiple choice options to make it easier for customers to answer existing questions. For example Google Forms, SurveyMonkey, HubSpot and others.

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