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Keep creating, but keep those successful posts active too. Errors in the Digital Marketing Production Phase Temporal and disposable themes Whenever possible, opt for timeless campaigns, that is, those that are not related to Best paid Digital Marketing courses a temporary date or offer. Of course, this is more difficult in retail, especially in fashion. But merge the campaigns.

There are two reasons to avoid temporary campaigns: high creation cost, as they are disposable in the short term; difficulty in learning and optimizing, as they are discontinued before artificial intelligence algorithms identify patterns. Do not use references Wanting to be the most creative, starting from scratch, is expensive. Not only does the cost of creation increase, but the chances of failure do as well.

Difficulty in learning and optimizing

Unless the brand is the world leader with an infinite budget, take inspiration or even copy from others. To do this, choose brands as a reference with strategies that have worked. Using wrong references In the same way that starting Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number Data from scratch, without reference, is bad, so is using the wrong inspiration. For example, a brand that sells B2B (to companies) is inspired by a digital influencer and wants to use the same concepts he applies on Instagram.

It’s not gonna happen. Seek ideas from other B2B brands, if possible, similar to your segment. Even successful competitors tend to be good references. Errors in the Digital Marketing Performance phase Conversion settings failed The appropriate parameterization of performance media conversion pixels (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads…) is essential to identify the success of campaigns, that is, whether it is generating the expected conversions.

The appropriate parameterization of performance

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It is not easy to make these settings, but it is mandatory to analyze and optimize campaigns. Furthermore, artificial intelligence algorithms also depend on these connections. Also read: How to set up tracking and conversion in Albania WhatsApp Number List Digital Marketing Change campaigns at short intervals of time Performance media’s artificial intelligence routines need time to learn and select the ideal positioning strategy, audience, time, etc.

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