What are the differences between the LMS Platform and LXP Platform?

overview 5. Overview This feature gives you an overview of any keyword in the SEMrush database. This way, you can evaluate the volume of searches for a term at a global or national level and the number of results return for it in a search. Not to mention What are the differences between the LMS Platform and LXP Platform? the fact that you can identify topics that are trending and that can give you insights to create content that takes advantage of the popularity of a keyword (that makes sense for your company) and that can make your business take a leap forward. search engine rankings.

Keyword Manager

Keyword Manager Keyword Manager is a function that performs a more detail analysis of a term or expression. This feature has the Female number data ability to evaluate up to 1000 keywords at a time. It also updates your metrics in real time and shows you changes in SERP features or in companies that have the same area of ​​activity and, consequently, compete for the same keywords for which your brand intends to rank.

Although, Gaps This SEMrush feature allows you to compare the relat keyword profiles of up to five competing companies. This way, you will be able to discover the overlap of terms and expressions.

SEMrush feature allows

Female number data

You will also be able to view common keywords that are shar by competitors’ pages, as well as other opportunities to create digital marketing campaigns that bring better results for your business. Learn more : Top 15 Free Digital France Telegram Number List Marketing Tools Reach more customers with search engine optimiz content In this article, you learn that keyword-rich. Although,  search engine-optimiz content is key to highlighting a business on Google and reaching a larger audience . When a website is optimiz with the correct keywords, it is easier to appear among relevant search results, attracting potential visitors (and customers) to the page.


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