How to Calculate ROAS Easily, Find Out Here!

How to Calculate ROAS – There are many important factors or metrics that you need to know if running digital advertising. Whether it’s using Facebook Ads or Google Ads. You need to know these metrics and also calculate them well. One of them is ROAS. What is ROAS? ROAS is one of the metrics for measuring the success of a digital advertising campaign. ROAS itself is an acronym for Return on Ad Spend. Simply put, ROAS is how you find out the amount of income you get after running digital ads for a certain period of time.

How to Calculate ROAS

The main formula for ROAS is; ROAS = Revenue Campaign/Cost Campaign The unit value of ROAS itself is the ratio. For example, your digital campaign income or campaign revenue is IDR. Meanwhile, advertising costs or campaign Singapore WhatsApp Number List costs reach IDR ,, So the ROAS you get is. But you can also calculate it easily by dividing directly. For example, the campaign revenue is IDR ,, with the campaign cost being IDR ,, So the ROAS of a digital campaign is So how do we know whether our ROAS is good or not? The answer to this question actually depends on the goals of your own advertising campaign. If your goal is to increase brand awareness in the eyes of your audience, then a small ROAS is not a sign that the campaign you have carried out has failed.

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If your goal is to increase sales or conversions, then a small ROAS could be a sign that your advertising campaign is failing. In the ROAS calculation process itself, there are many factors that influence it. Starting from the scale and industry El Salvador WhatsApp Number List of the business being run, profit margins, and also the digital platform used. Here’s a detailed explanation of what it is & how to calculate ROAS properly. If you are intereste in getting Trusted Digital Advertising Services , contact Creativism. Also Read: SEO Myths That Are Still Believe Today Creativism provides Digital Marketing services for individuals, MSMEs, SMEs, and large companies, complete with handling social media, websites, SEO , and providing all other promotional needs for your business.

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