Development can be carried out iteratively

Cost control & value – driven development Software development can be in accordance with user needs and the team can quickly respond to needs, so that the time and costs of creating software can be controlled. High – quality production The quality of the software is maintained, even though time and costs are less. Flexible & risk management Minimizes the occurrence of errors in programs or products before the application deployment process is carried out. Collaboration This collaboration is carried out by each development team to discuss feedback provided by the client. Self – organizing, self – managing teams Developers are given access to manage their own software development affairs.

A manager only serves as a liaison

 between developers and clients so as to reduce the occurrence of miscommunication . This agile method has its own advantages and disadvantages. The following are the advantages of the agile method: Changes can be quickly handled. The software whatsapp number list development process takes relatively fast time and does not require large resources. Clients can provide feedback to developers in the program creation process. The following are the disadvantages of the agile method: This method is less suitable for large teams (more than 20 people). The team must always be ready, because changes can occur at any time. This method is less suitable for teams that are committed to completing the project together.

Fountains System Development Life Cycle

improvement on the waterfall method, where the types of stages are still the same. However, some types of stages can be prioritized or skipped, but there are stages that cannot be skipped, for example, you need a design before implementation, if this is skipped there will be overlap. The following are the stages of software development using the fountain Phone Number IT method. User requirements specification Find out what users need in the software being developed. Software requirement specification Software adjustments from the user side. System design Making a system design that will be created before implementation. Design program Making designs that are more.

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