Change campaigns at short intervals of time

Depending on the budget this could take 2, 5 or 10 days. Therefore, you need to wait for the tools to indicate that they have left the learning stage before judging the campaign outcome. Change multiple campaign parameters at once When analyzing a campaign, it is identified that the performance is not adequate, so the audience, creatives and broadcasting time are changed.

It’s improved, that’s good! But what was the element that promoted this situation? So, it’s not possible to know. Understanding the factors that improve or worsen a campaign are essential to enhance or reverse a worsening. Analyze indicators beyond the essential A simple campaign generates millions of combinations for analysis. Millions indeed.

When analyzing a campaign

When crossing campaigns vs publications vs audiences vs times vs channels.. It is not humanly possible to analyze everything. Artificial intelligence tries to help with this. Even so, human analysis is fundamental. Therefore, choose the right indicators for your chosen objective and focus on them. Lack or excess of persistence Rarely does a campaign perform excellently right from the start.

It is necessary to wait for the artificial intelligence of the platforms to learn and improve, in addition to several manual adjustments. It can Singapore WhatsApp Number Data take days, weeks and even months to achieve performance with excellent ROI . So don’t give up. On the other hand, when you are far below the result and there are no signs of improvement, move on to another.

Instead of stressing standard campaign

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Therefore, it is always good to have several campaigns, so that they can be compared. Discover the best digital marketing platform Algeria WhatsApp Number List Carry out few tests Set aside a portion of your budget (5% to 10%) for testing. This is the essence of the concept of Growth Marketing or Growth Hacking.

Instead of stressing standard campaigns with excessive adjustments, create separate campaigns for the purpose of finding big jumps in performance. Be bold and curious, but with a small sample. If it works, enhance it with more investment and exchange for campaigns with lower performance.

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