Children’s Health: Programming Future Adults

A few months ago we saw the physiology of nutrient transport through. The placenta and Programming Future its importance in infant health in the post: The placenta and the egg; a fascinating story . It is not surprising that a failure in this transportation system can lead to alterations. Such as an excessive intake of nutrients or a lack of them. The first case can predispose a baby to be born with a high weight or what is known as macrosomia, more than kg. In the second case, the predisposition is for a low-weight baby to be born, below kg. In children who were born with low weight and who therefore have suffered intrauterine growth restriction , they can develop in two ways: They do Catch Up Growth . When in the first months of life they regain the optimal weight and height for their age. They don’t do Catch Up Growth . When in the first months of life they do not regain the optimal weight for their age.

Boys and girls doing catch up

The most recent research shows that children who catch up (recover weight and height) differ from those who do not. In their predisposition to certain health changes. What’s more, catch-up girls have a greater predisposition to present India Mobile Number Data metabolic pathology and pubertal pathology in adulthood. When I talk about metabolic pathology. I am referring to alterations such as insulin resistance and the development of visceral fat. In a post written by Carlos Pérez, the consequences of visceral fat for human health are explained . Regarding pubertal pathology, there is a greater risk of suffering premature pubarche. That is, pubic hair growth at an early age . As well as polycystic ovary syndrome and precocious puberty: having menstruation at a very early age (- years). On the other hand, catch-up children only have a predisposition to metabolic pathology, not pubertal pathology.

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Boys and girls who don’t catch up

Boys and girls who do not catch up do not have a greater risk of suffering from pubertal or metabolic pathology. Even so, they will be small and in this case they will have more numbers to inject growth hormone if the pediatrician and Argentina Phone Number List parents see fit. Why do some boys and girls catch up and others don’t? The big question is: Why do some boys and girls catch up and others don’t? It is currently the subject of research in pioneer groups, so we will be attentive. All of this is a good example of what we know as metabolic programming . As I mention in my first book Healthy Children Healthy Adults , health is programmed in the womb. It will be interesting to take care of the lifestyle of these little ones so that the predisposition does not become a reality.

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