Choose the right Key Opinion Leaders

Choose the right key opinion leaders before choosing the right key opinion leaders for your marketing strategy. You ne to consider two main factors: the first concerns the choice of the most suitable platform (or platforms) to implement the campaign. If your goal is to increase brand awareness. Then weibo and bilibili are better channels to consider. On the contrary. If your goal is to increase sales. You could focus on platforms such as wechat. R. Douyin and kuaishou. The second factor is the kols themselves. After choosing the right platform on which to develop the campaign. You will ne to consider who to work with. Which can be determin by answering one key question:

Know the KOLs you want to collaborate with

Which consumer group do you want to reach with this campaign? Know the kols you want to collaborate with after establishing the business lead  audience to target with the campaign. Brands must evaluate whether the kol’s followers match their target consumers. Spend some time thinking about whether kols will help you reach your target audience. Do their followers have high engagement with kols? Read the comments followers have left for kols. Do these comments look like real interactions or are they post by robots? You can also investigate further by looking at whether the kol has mention your or your competitors’ products before. What did he say about it? How did his followers react to the post?

Allow KOLs to showcase their creativity

If you have more time to research key opinion leaders. You can take a look at the profile pages of their followers. Are they real people? Is there any similarity or repetition in their personal descriptions? All these steps are to check whether the kol followers are authentic or not. Useful websites to help brands learn about their kols after handing over nes and budgets to agencies. Brands will receive a list of kol names. To ensure the campaign achieves brand objectives. They will ne tools to quantify a key Phone Number IT opinion leader’s marketing performance. Let’s look at an example of kol analysis below. Once you have select a social mia platform to monitor.

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