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But they do have a very loyal and responsive community. The benefits of influencer marketing The main benefits of using influencer marketing techniques are: This allows you to install a brand in the landscape of your audience(s). Influencers have the attention of the public. They have followers who trust them and take an interest in everything they do and consume. Positive messages from a brand or company are more


Influencers help position a brand in the market and in the minds of consumers


The web generates many conversations Benin Phone Number List Myanmar Email List about these products or services. Traffic to a website increases significantly. Influencers who are bloggers also help improve the SEO positioning of a website. If designed well, a campaign with influencers does not have to be very expensive, and a satisfactory and profitable return on investment (ROI) can be obtained. The brand gains in reputation and prestige. How to design an influencer marketing


campaign? In order to design a good influencer marketing strategy that fits into an overall marketing campaign, we need to follow the following steps. The first thing is to identify the most relevant influencers and, above all, those who best match our products and the values of our brand or our company. Once the influencers have been identified, it is necessary to convince them to promote the product by various direct or indirect means. Of course, sponsored posts (sometimes for a fee) are quite widespread, but it is also


possible to offer the products as gifts or to invite influencers to a prestigious


event organized by the brand, for example. We know that 60% of consumers read blog posts, videos or social media posts about a product before making a purchase. This is something that advertisers take into consideration and that is why they use influencer marketing in their communication strategies. In addition to amplifying the message

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influencers work on the credibility and originality of the content, thus generating a greater connection with the consumer. They convey the brand Phone Number LT message by personalizing it and adapting it to their community. They are aimed at audience groups that are sometimes difficult to reach with a more traditional marketing campaign. Here are the essential steps for a successful influencer marketing  campaign: With each influencer must be signed a contract specifying the conditions of the collaboration, what is required of them (number of publications. Time of publication type of publication.

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