Here’s How to Conduct Content Analysis Effectively

How to carry out content analysis – One type of marketing channel that many business people choose is How to Conduct content marketing. This is natural considering that Content Marketing is a marketing strategy that can be applied on various platforms. Of course, the form of content depends on the platform chosen. If the platform chosen is a website, then the content marketing carried out will generally be in the form of articles. If the platform chosen is social media such as Facebook, Instagram and also TikTok. So the content marketing carried out can be more diverse. Starting from videos, images, motion graphics and others. To be able to run content marketing well, you need to understand important parts of it. These important parts are the process of creating quality content and also distributing content on target.

What is Content Analysis

Before continuing to the main topic, MinTiv wants to first take you to understand what content analysis is. Content analysis is a quantitative and also qualitative method that gives you more objective content evaluation results. This content analysis France WhatsApp Number List will provide more accurate comparison data than using review techniques. Content analysis usually relies on one type of multimedia element, namely text. We can see the performance of this multimedia element in; Magazines and books Speech (spoken text) Image or design (iconic text) Videos, films, animations (audio-visual texts) and finally on online media such as websites (hypertext).

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Types of Content Analysis

The next thing you have to understand are the types of content analysis itself. The content analysis can be divided into parts, namely; Quantitative Content Analysis This analysis focuses on the process of calculating and measuring the Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List occurrence of targeted phrases or keywords , as well as the concepts developed. For example, if you run an SEO marketing strategy with the target keyword Building Construction Services, then you can calculate how much content with that keyword appears and that becomes the main focus. Qualitative Content Analysis This analysis aims to find relationships between target keywords . Using the previous example, someone who types in the keyword Building Construction Services will also search for other similar keywords, such as Building Architectural Services, or Home Building Services, etc.

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