How to add and search your content in Feedly

I have used in its day. How to add and search your content in Feedly The first thing that will appear will be a screen as you see below. how to add media or news to feedly Here you have a search engine to start finding websites that you want to start following either by entering their name or URL. And at the bottom of the search bar you have the <<explore>> section where the tool suggests a series of sites to follow and some themes. The explore section is great so you can discover new digital media.

Feedly account

To show you a real example of how top people data the explore section is displayed, look at the image below everything it shows me when I enter #technology. recommendations to follow I always recommend that you save your web pages in folders so that it is much easier for you to access the information and have a better user experience. I explain how to do it. button to create a folder and then enter the name you want to give to said folder. organize feedly news.

Specific topics

When you have one or more Phone Number IT generated and want to add another new media, the options you see in the image above will appear, which is to add it to an already created folder or create a new one. Once you have all your information organized you will have an interface view very similar to the image below. how to create folders or categories in Feedly As you can see, Create industry dashboards. options for using the tool To put a real practical case, we are going to choose the first option, which is the one .

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