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Trying to fix ( ) bad link warnings or ( ) link-based penalties without success, then the next step is rejection. Google is not forgiving of these situations and, even if you have requested reconsideration, will typically not take action unless the majority of your bad links have been removed. Sometimes, this isn’t possible, so now you have an option. You’ve been hit by Penguin Diagnosing can be a little tricky, but the best clue is a noticeable drop in traffic on or after the year, month, and day (the release date of ). As far as we know, Penguin mainly targets aggressive link building tactics, especially excessive ones.

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Use unnatural anchor text. If you can fix those links (diversify the anchor text and or remove the bad links) that’s your best option, but if you’re still struggling Phone Number Database with penguins, a disavow tool might work for you. Keep in mind that we still don’t know much about the update cycle, specifically whether you can restore it outside of data updates (of year-month-day and year-month-day as of this writing), which could take weeks, the new tool is far from a magic wand to ward off the penguins. This has nothing to do with really, but was added this week.

Phone Number Database

Denial is the new weapon in your arsenal

The penguin emoji is the greatest thing ever. Please give it up at all costs. You are a victim of negativity If you think you are a victim of. A link-based Email List attack (someone intentionally. Creates bad links to harm your site) and you are unable to remove those links. Unfortunately, this is a very common situation in these attacks.  I hesitate to mention this because negative SEO, while very real, is also very rare. The vast majority (more than %) of people who consider themselves negative victims usually also.


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