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CTR manipulation is a popular technique used by many SEO companies to gain an advantage over their competitors. On-page and off-page strategies can only go so far. User engagement is key to ranking #1 on Google. Backlinks and long-form content aren’t always the answer, so what else is there?


In this insightful piece, Ronald Osborne, founder of Osborne Digital Marketing, tests CTR manipulation tools to see if CTR helps with ranking. For the purpose of testing, he chose four keywords as the focus of this analysis. Two SEO tools were used, Rankertracker was used to monitor each keyword daily and match the results stated in the CTR tool. The tool used for CTR manipulation was SERP Empire. SERP Empire is an emerging CTR tool that I decided to use as my primary tool.


How to perform CTR manipulation

There are several ways to perform CTR. You can create a custom telephone number list Python script and run it in your browser, or use well-known tools like CTR Booster or Awesome Traffic Bot. These systems run on your desktop and open your browser to run programs, essentially using your own computer. However, more and more online options are emerging these days. SERP Empire is starting to gain attention in the SEO community. Because they are changing the game. In the past, you had to set up these desktop tools, buy a proxy, dig into the settings, and make sure they ran correctly. These new online options save you all those extra costs.

Regardless of which tool you use to manipulate CTR, you must enter all information. The basics are the keywords you want to target and the corresponding pages. Now you need to take a few important steps to have a successful campaign with CTR.


Don't send too much traffic

This point cannot be overemphasized. You have to get the numbers right. Sending too many interactions to a keyword can ruin your site and no amount of Phone Number LT backlinks will bring it back. We’ll walk you through the best way to calculate your CTR rate.


As you can see in the image above, the keyword “electrician Fort Lauderdale” is used. Now we all know that top search terms drive the most traffic, but by how much? The best way to calculate this is to use the % table on the left. This ratio is calculated based on the average consensus of SEO experts. Is it completely accurate? But it’s just a starting point.


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