Ways to Create Creative Content on Instagram!

Creating Creative Content on Instagram – Instagram is a social media that is widely used by business people to carry out brand awareness strategies. This is natural considering that Instagram is one of the most popular social media in the world. In Indonesia, Instagram even ranks th out of the most popular social media applications. The number of users has even reached more than billion . Only behind WhatsApp, YouTube and Facebook. The high number of Instagram users is also clearly illustrated by the amount of time they spend on it. The average user spends up to hours/day on Instagram. Apart from that, Instagram is chosen by many business people because it can help them introduce their business to the millennial generation and Gen Z. Yes, these two generations are said to be the generation that is “greedy” regarding shopping habits. of them experience FOMO regarding industry developments.

Ways to Create Creative Content

So, below, MinTiv will share surefire tips for creating creative content on Instagram. Are you curious about these tips? Read this article carefully! Lateral Thinking The first is lateral thinking. Often referred to as divergent thinking. This is a creative thinking method to find solutions or link problems from two different or opposite things and make them seem continuous. Lateral thinking Singapore WhatsApp Number Data combines important points, namely imagination and intuition. Lateral thinking can be carried out if you consider all existing alternatives and enter all existing ideas randomly. This will really help you to produce out-of-the-box creative content . For example, like the content above, where MinTiv combines opposite things, namely personality and SEO methods.

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Lotus Blossom

Next is Lotus blossom. This is a creative thinking method involving patterns on lotus flowers which generally consist of crowns. In each of the crowns we can put sub main content ideas. Then for each sub-content idea, we look for more sub-content ideas until the creative idea has many “crowns”. Reframing SOURCE: CREATIVISM.ID Next is reframing. This is a creative thinking method Tunisia WhatsApp Number List that helps you to better understand your audience. You can understand the right audience using main points, namely users, situations and goals. This method will help you find many latest content ideas on the same topic. Next is Content. This creative thinking method is almost similar to Lotus Blossom. It’s just that there are slight differences in the goals. Where this method will help you get new content ideas. For example in the image above.

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