Data driven marketing Business Intelligence

Lifetime value: what is the value or profit that the customer delivers over the period. Assuming an average of 24 months and a profit of R$1,200 per month, we would have the LTV So, the percentage invest Without a doubt it would be an Data driven marketing Business Intelligence excellent business. At this level, growth would first depend on the Data driven marketing Business Intelligence size of the market and, in this, marketing must be explor to the maximum. BUT CALM DOWN, the scenarios above are hypothetical, the software market is not that easy.

It is common for the CAC to be around two Data driven marketing Business Intelligence to six monthly payments, and then the Payback process begins.

Data driven marketing Business

Cross-selling: taking advantage of the customer and adding another product to the sale, at the same time or some time later. For example: bought a computer, offer a wireless mouse and keyboard kit.

Upselling: suggesting a superior product, a R$6,500 notebook. Considering the same R$180, the percentage of investment in Philippines WhatsApp Number Data marketing would drop to 2.7%, instead of 4.5%. Conclusion Marketing efficiency and market size will determine the ideal media budget. Because of this, the start must be smooth, maintaining at least a 1:1 investment (service/media) ratio. As the metrics become healthy, the value will grow, until the market is saturat. It’s a long-term project until reaching digital maturity, and many won’t even get there.

Is there another way to grow?

Philippines WhatsApp Number Data

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