Deep mastery of the social sphere

Human being is a social animal. Relationships with the people around them are extremely important to everyone, and athletes are no exception. Therefore, changes in relationships can lead to dysfunction, just as dysfunction can result from lack of rest or nutritional deficiencies. We talk not only about relationships with people in the sports field, coaches, fans, media, club directors. but also about those who accompany them in their most personal areas. In this sense, PNI believes it is crucial to address toxic or harmful relationships that elite athletes may experience. To do this, it recommends making a decision to either free yourself from these relationships or change them and make them healthy.

How do I achieve excellence?

Having a deep understanding of the social realm has allowe me to break. Away from toxic relationships or transform them into healthy ones. Once we understand the four ways to achieve excellence, the million dollar question arises: What tools do we use to achieve this? A goal? In the Regenera Elite program, designe by PNI experts, we work with elite athletes who are interest in Philippines Mobile Database overcoming self-limiting beliefs and achieving peak physical and mental performance. What should we do? Get a deeper understanding of the physiology of elite athletes and their sports: As experts in physiology and exercise, we understand the genetic variation biotypes and possible polymorphisms that can affect your performance and daily development. Immune Competence Optimization: We talk often in these pages that the cells of the adult immune system are locat around the digestive tract. Through microbiome testing, we can obtain information about the microbial environment in which athletes live.

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These results must be combined

A personalized diet to maintain microbiota health under favorable conditions, avoiding conditions of hyperpermeability, endotoxemia and ultimately low-grade inflammation. Metabolic Flexibility: Judicious use of fasting at key points in Kenya Phone Number List the season will produce. A training scenario that enables full competition. How about that? It is not arbitrarily but rather a scenario that promotes nutritional deficiencies during certain training sessions. This would expand the metabolic flexibility of the organism to use different energy substrates. Therefore, the body uses not only circulating glucose and hepatic and intramuscular glycogen, but also neoglycogen fats and amino acids. That is, it is fasting at specific times so that the body knows how to. Use fats and amino acids to learn more about immunometabolism. In this way, the energy matrix is and metabolic capacity multiplied, resulting in greater strength and physical resistance.

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