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That’s it! These steps will help you create friendly, helpful, transactional emails that make your customers feel valued.

Note : When creating transactional email templates, it is important to consider factors that may affect email deliverability, such as email authentication and reputation management. For more information on these topics, see our guide on how to improve email deliverability.

HTML code for email receipt for online order. The email begins with a header titled “Order Receipt” and consists of main content thanking the customer for the order and providing a summary of the items the customer purchased. The items in the order are displayed in a table with columns for Item, Quantity, and Price. The table has a footer that displays the total amount of the order. The email also includes a message that the order will be shipped soon and that customers can contact the store if they have any questions.

HTML Email Receipt Template

This template has a similar structure to the basic template, but a few extra touches make it friendlier and more interactive, including a cheerful header, a personal touch to the main content, and more fun styling. You can freely customize the template to make it more unique and tailored to your brand.

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Email example

Invoice Email Template HTML

Looking for an awesome HTML invoice transaction email template? Creating a template is easier than you think. Basically, you just need to include a few key elements in your template:

Here’s what the sent email looks like

Phone Number List

Start with a header that includes your company logo and name, and a friendly Phone Number LT greeting for the recipient.

Next, you will see all the invoice details like invoice number, date, payment due date, etc.

It’s a good idea to list the items or services you’re billing for along with a description, unit price, and total price.

Make sure you understand the total amount due, including taxes and fees.

Provide the recipient with all necessary payment instructions, such as payment method and relevant details (e.g. bank account information or online payment link).

Finish with a footer that includes your company contact information, including address, phone number, and email.

Once you have these elements in place, you can easily get paid with our awesome HTML invoice transaction email template.

Note : Creating an HTML email is very similar to creating a regular website. Simply use HTML code to position text, images, and other elements the way you want. It’s a simple process that can have a big impact on the look and effectiveness of your emails.

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