E-commerce: the essential checklist for preparing for Christmas

E-commerce is undoubtely the sector most impacte by seasonality . Sales periods, different holidays or simply weather conditions influence consumer purchases. Christmas is fast approaching and, like the elves who must finish preparing all the gifts from around. E-commerce: the essential checklist for preparing for Christmas.  The world, you must ensure that your e-commerce site is ready to receive the massive arrival of Internet users. Whether to eucate your prospects on how you can help them during this boom period or to promote your offers to your consumers, here is THE essential checklist to carry out all the checks . Better than a gift list! 1. Analyze data from the end of the previous year To start, learn the lessons from last Christmas.


Open an Excel spreadsheet and note on one side

 It’s something simple to do, but many businesses completely ignore this goldmine they have at their disposal. Where did the majority of your traffic come from during this time last year What le to conversions Was it through email marketing , social meia , paid search , or  Decision Maker Email List organic traffic  Procee in this way to optimize your content on search engines. Look at Google Analytics data and identify the best channels to build campaigns for the holiday season. On the other hand, think about areas for improvement , problems encountere and decisions that can be improve.


Business estimates that email marketing was responsible for

This will leave you with a healthy foundation for your end-of-year marketing. Also read : End of year holidays: 10 email templates to create a festive newsletter +250,000 freelancers available on Receive free quotes Fast, free and without Phone Number lT obligation 2. Put your e-commerce site in Christmas colors Colors evoke emotions and have a sometimes staggering influence on purchasing decisions . Also, everyone loves the spirit of Christmas. You must therefore equip your e-commerce site with colors reflecting this atmosphere. Celio Christmas Design You can be as creative as you want 

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