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The audience laughs! What humor ! Thunderbolt For Eric Sadin, it’s too easy to accuse politicians and it’s cliché to say that they don’t understand anything about digital. It would rather be up to citizens and less to politicians to create checks and balances on the current digital development. Are new technologies driving us all crazy? According to Eric Sadin, new technologies are perverse, they interfere in our privacy. From collecting very private information to connectd objects the digital.

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World tends to dominate our lives according to him. And this model there, it does not make Eric dream. No, he wishes for a world where phone number list consumers would take their share of responsibility and know how to say enough is enough! Let’s take a perfect example testifying to “the psychiatric appearance under the guise of the festive” according to Eric Sadin: the implant party, which took place on June 13 at the Gaité in Paris, has begun to sound the hour of cyborgs!

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The public launchd into a new form of euphoria: the insertion. Of a chip in the hand for the modest sum of 200  And it is the fact that this Phone Number LT practice is accompanid by the word “festive” which disturbs Eric Saddin. The question arises, between Gilles and Eric, will we one day be cannibalizd by machines? Will artificial intelligence replace humans? Are we ready to accept everything in the name of technological progress? The last two questions are rather me who asks them in reality. Implant party in Paris on June 13, 2015 Implant Party in Paris Dan TaylorFutur en Seine]The Eldorado of start-ups.

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