5 types and examples of storytelling to put into practice

For more than 10 years, Agência Tupiniquim has creat and implement inbound marketing strategies to attract, qualify and segment potential 5 types and 5 types and examples of storytelling to put into practice examples of storytelling to put into practice consumers for companies in the most vari sectors. Join the list of clients who have achiev more customers, sales and recognition on the internet thanks to the work of Tupiniquim professionals.

Generating a connection with leads, that is, with potential customers , is a fundamental step in the sales process. When leads feel connect to a brand or product/service, the chances increase that they will become loyal customers, promote the brand and 5 types and examples of storytelling to put into practice recommend the product or service to others. This was demonstrat by Accenture Strategy’s Global Consumer Pulse survey , whose data shows that 83% of Brazilians interview prefer to buy from brands that are align with their values ​​and purposes. An effective way to establish this connection is through storytelling, that is, telling stories that involve the brand or product/service.

Global Consumer Pulse survey

These stories help to humanize the brand, creating an emotional relationship with the target audience and generating engagement. A digital marketing agency , for example, uses storytelling narratives at different stages of its clients’ sales process. For example, in the early stage, when the goal is to attract leads, an engaging story helps capture the attention of the target audience and highlight the values ​​of the brand, product or service. At the consideration stage, when the lead is researching purchasing options, good storytelling highlights the differentiators of the product or service, demonstrating how it can solve a specific problem.

At the decision stage, when the prospect is evaluating whether or not to make the purchase, stories can be us to create a sense of Mexico Email List urgency in purchasing what is being offer. Therefore, in this post, the Tupiniquim Content Marketing Agency will tell you more about the benefits of telling engaging stories to impact your target audience, as well as presenting 5 examples of storytelling to inspire you. Good reading! What you will read about storytelling: free google ads ebook tupiniquim agency banner woman What is storytelling?

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What is the difference between storytelling and copywriting? 4 benefits of using storytelling in a communication strategy 5 types and examples of storytelling to put into practice Use storytelling to benefit your brand Frequently Ask Lebanon Phone Number List Questions What is storytelling? Storytelling is a communication technique that consists of telling a story in an engaging and persuasive way , with the aim of capturing the audience’s attention and conveying an important message.


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