Why does SEO require extra patience? Here’s an example of the process!

You can only get the benefits above if the SEO marketing process an example of you carry out is consistent. SEO is very an example of different from SEM. Where SEM (Search Engine Marketing) with Google Ads is able to give you faster results. The conversion obtained is faster. But Google Ads is not friendly for novice business people, who still don’t have enough financial strength. Obviously SEO is more friendly. Moreover, in terms of results, SEO is superior to Google Ads. SEO has a longer lasting impact or results than SEM. Moreover, if your content has strong relevance to certain search intent keywords . Your content will be able to stay on the first page of Google for as long as possible, year, years, even years more.

The Sweet Fruit of Patience

This is what the Creativism team itself also feels. Creativism initially had its main focus on Instagram marketing services. At that time the team got a lot of conversions from Facebook ads. Indeed, the leads obtained are abundant, but the costs required are also not small. For this reason, the Creativism team racked their brains so they could continue to promote without having to spend Thailand WhatsApp Number Data money on advertising. In the end, the SEO marketing strategy was chosen by the Creativism team. The Creativism team began actively implementing their SEO marketing strategy , especially those related to On/Off Page SEO in May-June It should be noted that previously Creativism had implemented other SEO techniques starting in January The two techniques are Local SEO with integration via Google My Business and also Technical SEO.

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After the process is complete

The team will focus on the next stage, namely On Page SEO and Off Page SEO in May. The work process is flexible considering that Creativism still has a lot of responsibility for managing the client’s business Instagram account . The beginning of this website optimization journey began to appear in July Where several keywords were able to penetrate the first page of Google. Even though it’s Paraguay WhatsApp Number List small and doesn’t seem to have a big impact, the Creativism team remains consistent in continuing to optimize their website. And the team succeeded in getting the fruit of this patience by increasing website traffic. The more mature the team’s knowledge of SEO marketing development has led Creativism PD to offer it as part of its digital marketing services.

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