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If you have configur the collection of non-standard events in GTM. And in these events you have sewn-in the sending of additional describing parameters to GA. You cannot skip the step of registering them in the GA service as data or non-standard dimensions. If you don’t, your Google Analytics property will not be able to automatically add parameter data as new dimensions or data for use in reports. So you ne to do some additional configuration which I will show in this article. The process of registering custom dimensions is discuss on the eample of a custom event, which I describ here.

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To register a dimension or parameter data, go to Administration. And then in the Service column, find Custom definitions. Click. If you want to use parameter data as dimensions, make sure you’re adding a new custom dimension, not a new metric By the way, it is worth mentioning that already at the planning stage of phone number list what we want to measure on the website, it should be taken into account that GA has limits on the maimum number of non-standard dimensions and non-standard data. Below is a screen showing information about limits Registering custom dimensions and custom metrics is pretty intuitive.

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As the name of the dimension , you can give any name, but it is a good practice to give the same name as the parameter of the event that is suppos to send us this information . from the eample below sends information  describing the event, I select Event in the ‘Scope’ field. We also have a User Scope to choose from. This is a Phone Number IT useful option when you want to collect information from a custom event about users, such as whether a user is logg in to our site or not Parameter description is optional – it can be add, but it is not necessary.

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