Fatal mistakes in digital marketing strategies and campaigns

Fatal mistakes in digital marketing strateThe ultimate goal of marketing should always be sales. But there are those specific to campaigns that form a strategy. For example, increasing the base of the funnel, growing within a certain audience, launching a new product, etc. The objective will define the strategy which, in turn, establishes the goals and metrics.

Low media budget Professional digital marketing requires sponsored campaigns. Organic strategies help, but they are slow and uncontrollable. The budget must be at least 50% of the amount spent on people, whether its own team or agencies (third parties). With maturity, the media budget tends to be 10, 20 times higher than the service cost.

Digital Marketing Campaigns Excess of publications Producing

How to Calculate the Budget for Digital Marketing Campaigns Excess of publications Producing is expensive and consumes Russia WhatsApp Number Data important resources. Furthermore, the campaign optimization process can make understanding difficult. Which is better: 4 ads or 20 in a campaign? It depends on the budget. In most cases, a high number will only hurt. Also remember that timeless posts can continue to run for a long time, that is, every month, in addition to new ones, they will join old successful publications.

Google Ads work well together

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Also read: How to improve productivity in digital marketing Too many channels Combining channels helps with strategy. For example, Meta Ads and Google Ads work well together. Google reactively at the bottom of the funnel, and Meta proactively at the top of the funnel, and helping conversions with direct campaigns. It is possible to work with more channels, but you must be sure that the main ones have been well explored.

Master one or two channels first. Also read: What are the best digital marketing channels for campaigns Discard successful assets When the Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List entire post or campaign is timeless and performing well, when is it time to scrap it? Only when the audience has already saturated and the frequency has exceeded the limit (above 6 is a good indicator). But it is common for this decision to be made to please the client, that is, to show that you are working and that you are always releasing new posts.

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