The Ten Foods That Generate the Most Addiction

Food addiction is characterized by loss of control over food consumption and the inability to stop eating even if you want to. As in any addiction, in the first phase we seek the pleasure that falling into it gives us. Once we get to that degree of gratification, we end up focusing on that habit as the only source of pleasure . In a second phase, we seek to calm the discomfort by withdrawal from the substance to which we have become. So that we understand each other, it is as if we were wearing a shoe with a smaller size (discomfort) because of the pleasure that taking it off will generate. Apart from the behavioral symptoms themselves, to confirm the existence of food addiction as a clinical entity, when observing neuroimaging studies on the subject, patterns of brain activity very similar to those of other addictive disorders are, exhibiting activation in regions to reward and alterations in the activity of a neurotransmitter Dopamine.

Top Ten addictive foods

Let’s review the list of the foods that generate the most addiction according to this recent study. Table with the 10 foods that generate the most addiction We will rarely find any of the foods on the list in nature. These have had to be alter or Canada Phone Number Data process in some way to gain their addictive potential . Therefore, real food does not generate addiction nor does it generate addiction if we minimally process these products by cooking or grinding them. Real food is what we have lived with for most of our history. Basically it is fruit, vegetables, tubers, meat, eggs, seafood, mushrooms and edible seeds. Only food that has been altered to make it highly palatable, or to which various additives have been, generates addiction. Thus, the first big problem (or big deception) we face is including an apple, a lettuce or a steak within the same linguistic (and mental) category as a cake or a pizza.

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What characteristics must a food have for it to stop being addictive?

It should include high amounts of one or more substances. To which the brain reacts, motivating you to continue consuming them. Basically they are: sugars, fats, salt, sweet taste, glutamate or simply high calorie density. The greater the Romania Phone Number List refinement of the addictive substance, the greater the addictive potential. The food must be alter so that the substance with addictive potential is quickly absorb. Thus, although a banana contains sugar, it also contains fiber, proteins or water that decrease the absorption rate of sugar. That is why the greater the refinement, the greater the addictive potential . A third is usually add to these two main characteristics. Although not in all cases: Provide a secondary gain from the consumption of that food. Let’s say that part of the food industry, as an industry, has the inherent and main objective of making money. Therefore, they are knowledgeable experts in how to enhance the consumption of their products by adding sweet, salty or fats.

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