Tips for Training in the Cold

If you are one of those whose mood drops as well as the temperature. If you hate wearing a thousand layers of clothing on top of you. Or if you have had the fantasy of creating a travel agency that only offers destinations to places where it is summer, you are one of me. But the cold is not always avoidable and cannot be an impediment to us leading our lives normally. With the cold everything costs us more. Get out of bed (damn the duvet because it will be so heavy), work (if I think too much the blood rushes to my head and my feet freeze). And, of course, leave the house. Well, today I am going to discover the antidote to be able to train in winter . It is a remedy that goes back to the origins of human beings, it is cheap and very healthy.

Why you shouldn’t stop training in winter?

All mammals are characterized by being a homeothermic species. This means that for our physiological and metabolic mechanisms to work correctly we must maintain a constant internal temperature (º). When body temperature drops, our brain Hong Kong Phone Number Data activates the necessary mechanisms to preserve internal temperature and increase heat production. These mechanisms are: shivering, cutaneous vasoconstriction, and increased metabolic heat. The ability to generate heat depends on the combustion of a type of fat brown fat . This fabric is quite particular. Well, until recently it was thought that it was only present in babies. But in recent years it has been that it is also found in adults. This tissue develops when humans live in cold environments. And it is associated with a decrease in obesity and problems related to glycemic regulation. Currently it is to be in charge of temperature regulation. In addition to as a natural resource to counteract obesity.

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Don’t leave your thyroid out of work

The thyroid gland is responsible for raising body temperature . It is she who induces the use of brown fat to produce heat, for example. In turn, this gland is in all hormonal processes and its alteration can cause weight, energy or skin disorders Bahamas Phone Number List and even infertility. Therefore we must keep her train. What happens when we always warm ourselves from the outside (with heaters) and on top of that we don’t move at all because we get lazy due to the cold, is that the famous physiological rule “adaptation is loss of function” is. And over time, our thyroid finds it difficult to perform its functions and we enter a condition known as subclinical hypothyroidism. Or what is the same, we have a thyroid gland with little desire for you to make it work. If you want to know more about “adaptation is loss of function” , we leave you an extensive interview in English with one of the experts on the subject.

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