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The technology is appli to track microclimates across crop fields, as well as to monitor changes in temperature and humidity in products. Less food waste According to the FAO, around a third of what is produc for human consumption is lost or wast each year along the supply chain. That represents no less than 1.4 billion tons of lost nutrition for a humanity that continues to grow. The Internet of Things can minimize crop loss and increase field productivity. Israel has develop the startup Prospera, which helps farmers respond promptly to problems and increases productivity by up to a third.

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This has l cities that suffer from chronic pollution, such as Delhi and Beijing, to implement networks of sensors that alert when pollution levels rise. They are dangerously high. Meanwhile, in Oakland, California, an environmental startup call Aclima has team up with Google, F and researchers at the University of Texas at Austin to b2b email list create a detail map of pollution, block by block, using a fleet of the company’s smart vehicles. Google. Smart agriculture From large agricultural consortia to organic farmers, the use of the Internet of Things has enabl a ruction in water and fertilizer consumption, as well as cuts in waste levels and an improvement in the quality of their products.

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 This being the case, it is up to the pupils to assume the share of responsibility essential for the functioning of this new model, and in this scenario a concept that receives special attention is that of autonomous learning . In general terms, autonomy in learning is defin as the ability that allows the Phone Number LT student to make decisions through which they control their own learning bas on specific goals. A basic component of autonomous learning is self-regulation, which will ultimately lead to the development of skills for successful professional development.

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