Do they heal or kill?

This brings me to another proper noun. You may know him as he is one of our recommenders, plus we were delighted to have him as. A speaker at our conference in Barcelona last year. I’m talking to you about Danish Peter Gotzsche, a physician, biologist and medical researcher. He was a co-founder of the Cochrane Center and was a member of its board until he was fired over “disagreement” with the organization. He is one of the most critical of the relationship between the pharmaceutical industry and the medical community. As evidenced by the title of his latest book: “Drugs That Kill and Organized Crime.” In the book, he documents how multinational corporations bribed doctors, scientific journals and societies, patient groups, politicians and drug agencies to boost profits. Gotsche assured that drugs are the third leading cause of death in the world, behind heart disease and cancer. To him, the pharmaceutical industry follows tactics typical of organized crime.

The Spanish version of this book

Is prefaced by pharmacologist Joan Ramón Laporte, who points out in the introduction that at least. People die from it every year. Both LaPorte and Gotsche are particularly critical of antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs, noting that Saudi Arabia Mobile Database the industry hides the fact that they increase rather than decrease suicide rates. “They are prescribed for people who are not depressed but sad” What can we conclude from all this? We must be critical and take responsibility for our own health. If we don’t do this, we will fall into the hands of the Mafia, which will not look after us but its financial interests. It is no accident that we have arrived at the present moment. “Virus” has been this cursed word for months. With terrorists roaming our streets and our lack of biological knowledge, it’s only natural that we start trembling when we hear about viruses.

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A biologist whose publications recognize

The importance of microorganisms in our lives, “any cell is the fusion of bacteria and the integration of viruses with DNA” . If the role of bacteria in our health has been confirm in recent years. As evidenc by the growing awareness of Singapore Phone Number List the function of the microbiota. Then we must also understand the importance of viruses. Viruses are not inherently bad. very good. Ind, they can emerge in the specific environment of low-grade inflammation in the LGI and become opportunistic viruses. All of us have been there: when we let our guard down during a constant stressful situation. We catch a cold or get sick. But first it was the environment – my health was not good – and then the germs came. No, viruses are not the bad guys in the movie. But the spread of this virus from animals to humans has only begun to occur in centuries and has never happen in history.

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