Healthy Carbohydrates: a Round Trip, Return Trip

The evolution and learning in nutrition science is amazing. In a review of its recent history – so summarized a Round Trip that it is almost offensive, but which already serves us – in the 90s and influenced by the study of the seven countries directed by AncelKeys, the classic pyramid was designed on the high consumption of cereals and the avoidance of fats. Later, several authors postulate that the main cause of obesity is excess carbohydrates due to their ability to raise insulin , which in turn stimulates the accumulation of fat in adipose cells . But there are so-healthy carbohydrates. This hypothesis is widely in the well-known book , by scientific popularizer Gary Taubes. Basically this advance taught us not to treat the body by the laws of thermodynamics, but by biology. It moves under the umbrella of three statements.

Insulin prevents the oxidation of fats

Over time we have learned that, indeed, insulin is but that the process is somewhat more complex. The reason why insulin prevents fat oxidation is because it is a signal that we have another substrate in abundance, glucose . It makes sense, right? Insulin tells us “stop burning fat because now we have too much glucose.” Therefore, if you eat a meal of 500 kcal of carbohydrates, you will Belgium WhatsApp Number Data burn carbohydrates under the direction of insulin, which will also ensure that the fat remains within the adipose tissue . If you eat a 500kcal fat meal, you will burn fat instead of. In fact, it is becoming increasingly clear that insulin resistance is not the cause of obesity , but rather the consequence . It seems that insulin resistance is primarily a protective mechanism out by cells deliberately. When with excess food , the cell responds by saying “stop sending me so much energy, I have too much” and, to do so, it blocks the insulin signal.

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Excess energy saturates cells and generates inflammation

The accumulation of fat ends up involving the excessive growth of adipocytes . This situation implies that both the adipocytes themselves and the immune cells around them release pro-inflammatory substances . It is known that inflammation Croatia WhatsApp Number List also causes insulin resistance. In fact, already in 1876 Wilhelm Ebstein report that the administration of sodium salicylate (an anti-inflammatory similar to aspirin) eliminat the signs and symptoms of diabetes in some patients. Therefore, we have learn that excess energy saturates cells and ends up generating inflammation and inflammation causes insulin resistance. Also that carbohydrates are not harmful per se. A very recent meta-analysis shows that, at the same caloric intake, there are no differences in weight between high or low glycemic load diets, as indicat in this study.

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