How to easily create a video marketing strategy for 2023

Private Marketplace

This is an invitation-only auction for advertising inventory, allowing only a select group of buyers to bid on advertising space.

Programmatic Direct

This involves purchasing advertising inventory from publishers using programmatic technologies . This eliminates the need for ad exchanges.

Programmatic techniques are not limited to the digital space. It is also used to purchase advertising space on audio platforms such as Spotify. They are also used in outdoor environments such as billboards and public transportation.

Overall, programmatic advertising allows you to more personalize your advertising experience. This is the main reason why programmatic advertising is so popular.

You Can Take a Look at the Projection Below

In 2021, ‘ global programmatic advertising spending ’ approximately US$418.38 billion. And this figure is to phonelist reach $724.84 billion by 2026.

Programmatic Advertising Spend(Data source: Statista )

So, it is clear that digital marketers are relying heavily on programmatic advertising . Why? Higher ROI, wider brand reach, and greater engagement likely drove this change.

So what is programmatic advertising ?

How does it work?

How can programmatic advertising help with ROI-driven digital marketing solutions ?

And most importantly, how do you get with programmatic advertising?

Find the answers to all these questions below.

What is Programmatic Advertising

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Programmatic advertising is a way of buying and selling digital advertising. It is a process Phone Number LT using software and algorithms. This allows advertisers to reach their target audiences more effectively and efficiently.


Marketers can bid on ad inventory in real time and pay only for ads that actually appear to users.

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Real-time bidding (RTB)

This is the most common form of programmatic advertising. In RTB, advertisers bid on ad inventory in real time as users visit websites and apps.

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