How WhatsApp is Transforming the Business World

The tendency is for insights that were previously not very efficient to start to really help. Videos. Always the videos There’s nothing to argue about: videos are the most consum formats and always deserve attention. There is room to work on all types of videos, but when we talk about digital marketing we mainly need to talk about videos on social media.

Social media ad spending is expect to reach $252 billion by 2026 . And as of now (2022), about a third of total advertising spend is going towards ads on social media platforms. Of the main news for 2023, we should pay attention to: Youtube Shorts ad with features very similar to TikTok video ads. As Google Ads is a common platform for any marketer, the use of this format will be very common.

Social media ad spending

Meta is rolling out new features for Instagram advertising constantly. New music addition tools, ads on the explore page and feed, and AR Belgium Phone Number Data features are the flagships. Live streaming became a post-pandemic reality. Phenomena such as Canal do Cazé, which broadcast the FIFA World Cup,  brands that there is an investment path that does not go through large communication conglomerates (in the sense of negotiation).

Marketing A strategy using influencers

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Short videos continue to bring the most results and are preferred by millennials and generation Z. The success, which began with users doing dances, is already well explor by brands and influencers. Influencer Marketing A strategy using influencers aims to provide more sincere and genuine communication with the public. Today, brands are expect to interact, educate and entertain their customers. It is the role of influencers to take on this “blame” and carry out these actions.

In 2023 we will see: Partnerships with micro and nano influencers: those with accounts between 10,000 and 100,000 followers are Algeria Phone Number List considered micro influencers, nano influencers have less than 10,000 followers. According to data from Lauchmetrics , in the American beauty market this strategy is already a success. Companies like Dior had 34% of their media impact coming from this source. Long-term partnerships: influencer marketing was once considered a one-off “guerrilla” action.

Now, it is increasingly part of brands’ marketing mix. Long-term partnerships allow influencers to learn more about the brand they are working with. They will be more familiar with the tone of voice the company wants to project, leaving them freer to create without requiring as much control over the content.

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