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your content strategy, the way you address your targets on social networks: personalization is the key! ABM – Account Based Marketing – will also be on the program for Inbound Marketing France 2020. All the keys to making operational choices Finally, it is unthinkable to organize an event dedicated to inbound marketing without talking about marketing automation. Strategic thinking is of course the basis of any inbound marketing strategy . However, the tools used and marketing automation can make your daily life easier and multiply the positive effects of your inbound actions. If you’re looking for a platform and wondering how to make the right choice, you’ll find your answers at IMF.


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Marketing automation platforms: BlueVenn : BlueVenn Netherlands Mobile Number List  is a marketing automation platform but much more. This platform was designed as a way for Latest Mailing Database marketers to collect customer data to make better choices. By combining customer data and automation, BlueVenn is gaining a significant place in the market. HubSpot : we no longer need to introduce Hubspot, an American marketing automation platform that now has more than 68,000 customers in more than 100 countries. Marketo : Marketo is the company that has won over both small and large companies with comprehensive and advanced marketing automation software. Plezi : it is the platform that makes marketing automation accessible.


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To small structures to deploy a digital marketing strategy withease. Webmecanik : created in 1999, the platform is a pioneer in CRM marketing Phone Number LT and has  been able to evolve to offer its customers functionalities allowing them to deploy effective marketing campaigns. New in 2020 Finally, who says new edition, says new! Best Inbound Marketing Strategy Award : For the first time ever, IMF will reward the best inbound marketing strategy. If you are a business and have deployed an inbound marketing strategy, then you may be our winner! With several prizes to be won, the big winner will especially have the opportunity to present his strategy during a masterclass at IMF.

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