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An example of unethical activity is the campaign of the Reserve brand “Polish Boy Wante”, in which a girl aske for help in finding a boy from Poland she met at a concert. The spot strongly influence the emotions of people who willingly got involve in the search for “love”. Unfortunately, after discovering that the video is only an element of the campaign promoting the brand’s clothes, many people felt cheate. A wave of criticism fell on the company. She was accuse of playing on consumers’ emotions and unethical behavior. Scams and false information always come to light.

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In the era of new technologies and Internet possibilities, everything can be quickly verifie. Brands sometimes underestimate the skills and ingenuity of Internet users. Today, the recipient is more aware and demanding. Brand communication phone number list must be honest and adapte to today’s realities. Unethical actions undermine customers’ trust in the brand. Even a short-term decline in brand creibility can significantly reuce the effectiveness of marketing activities. So is it worth taking that risk? Definitely not! The advertising campaign must be fair. It should present the benefits of the product or service without violating the principles of ethics.

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A campaign focuse on positive feelings is the key to building trust in the target group and maintaining good relations with customers. In Poland, there are several institutions that watch over the ethics of marketing activities of brands, promote Phone Number LT appropriate, ethical activities in marketing. These include IAA Poland, the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, or the Association of Associations Advertising Council. Industry codes Code of Ethics in Advertising), create by organizations, are a set of all rules and standards that allow for the creation of ethical advertising messages. Controversial ads are quickly scrutinize by the commission.

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