Burger King announces its Whopper by mentioning its rivals burgers

Perhaps spurred on by the lack of truly substantive problems, Western societies love to debate (ad nauseam) about trivial matters such as which is the best hamburger on the face of the Earth (as if it were possible to try them all to make a final judgement). regard). This eternal debate is what Burger King makes its own in a spot where the famous fast food chain has no hesitation in mentioning hamburgers from rival brands such as McDonald’s, KFC or Five Guys. Lighted by the French agency Buzzman, the Burger King ad is set in a fast food restaurant where diners (including a window cleaner) passionately discuss which establishments serve the best burgers. The debate ends up becoming extraordinarily heated, so much so that the police have to intervene to restore order.

The law enforcement forces fail

In their attempt to calm things down and the discussion leads to a real riot in which even the kitchen employees of the restaurant top industry data where the spot, which is titled “Iconic,” takes part. If you do not see the embedded video correctly, click here Finally, the couple that initially lit the fuse of the debate takes control of the situation to make it clear that theirs was a mere private conversation. After making this point, some succulent Burger King menus arrive at the table. And when the couple and the rest of the customers gathered in the restaurant finally sit down at the table to taste their menus, they all agree that the Whopper is their favorite burger.

Managing Director of Buzzman

Let’s face it, people don’t eat solely and exclusively at Burger King. They also do it at McDonald’s, KFC, Quick, PNY and many other Phone Number LT restaurants where they have their favorite hamburgers ,” explains Julien Levilain, managing director of Buzzman in statements to AdWeek . “In our latest campaign we have decided to embrace this versatility and turn it into an infinite and passionate debate about the best burger in town, a debate that takes place in a Burger King restaurant and ends with the pleasure of the one and only Whopper ,” he adds. Levilain.

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