6 Keys to Avoid the Cold

We are in the time of year where everyone ends up falling sick for a few days. Follow these instructions to avoid a cold or so that if it happens, you will have a better ability to resolve it. Eat Food (not products) Our way of eating is going to play a determining role in the state of our immune system . Keep in mind that the digestive tract is the largest structure of our body that comes into contact with the outside, no more and no less than m And it is for this reason that in the intestine we find up to % of our immunocompetent cells. Now you will understand that it is no coincidence that when you start eating better, you suddenly realize that you have avoided the cold that winter.

What foods take care of our immune system?

Omega : blue fish and shellfish. Arachidonic acid omega: organic meat. Omega : Olive and avocado oil. Vitamin A: biological liver and egg yolk. Prebiotic (carbohydrates that nourish our bacteria) such as potato, sweet potato, carrot, apple, banana… Resveratrol: grape and cocoa. Quercetin: apple. Sulfuraphane: cruciferous vegetables such as brussels Malaysia Phone Number Data sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli… Have adequate levels of Vitamin D We will obtain vitamin D from the Sun in the spring and summer seasons. It is advisable to expose yourself to the sun in the mildest hours of the day without protection. Logically, if you are going to expose yourself for longer hours or have chosen the times of day where the Sun is stronger, protect yourself. But in autumn and winter it is advisable to supplement vitamins . You know how to do it? Take Vitamin A This fat, along with vitamin D, plays a key role in regulating our immune system .

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Take quality fats

Fats play a determining role in the resolution of inflammatory processes as we explained in a post. Move to have your “warm body” Exercise in winter ,Regenerablog. Our immune system suffers from the cold, so we should dress Turkey Phone Number List warmly when we finish exercising or when we go outside in winter. On the other hand, heat improves the effectiveness of our immune cells, just look at the effect that fever has on them as I told you previously. So move on to light your inner stove . Manage your stress People gathered at a table When we have stress we produce cortisol and this modulates the response of our immune system. So far so good. But if the stress is very high or lasts a long time, we increase the production of cortisol so that the immune system cannot generate an inflammatory response at those times. And the moment a lion is following us, we cannot fall sick.

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