Do you know the digestive system clinic?

There is growing evidence in the scientific literature that the gut and gut microbiota play a decisive role in health. Managing a digestive clinic becomes a transversal tool that any health professional should master. Incorporate this into your daily clinic and see how you can gain added value to your regular treatments or interventions. We recognize intestinal inflammation by showing signs of heaviness, gas, burning, difficulty digesting, bloating, constipation, and or diarrhea, which not only causes problems of this magnitude, but is already annoying. Other changes to mood. Pro-inflammatory cytokines from the gut enter the brain, causing a block in the transfer of tyrosine to dopamine and tryptophan to serotonin, reducing the presence of healthy hormones that prioritize inflammation. If you want to improve a patient’s emotional state, you have to make sure their digestive system is functioning well.

Pain and injuries to muscles, tendons, and ligaments

The intestines have autonomic relationships with the shoulders, hips, lumbosacral region, and knees. A gut that is in a low-grade inflammation state can make these areas more sensitive to damage and slow their recovery due to reduced oxygen intake. Oral problems such as bad breath, mouth ulcers, bleeding gums or periodontitis. Specifically, these are changes in the upper part of the Netherlands Mobile Number Database digestive system, such as hypochlorhydria and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, that are thought to contribute to the appearance of these oral dysfunctions. immune system. The immune-active cells are located in our digestive system, as it is the largest structure in our body that is in contact with the outside world, with an area of approximately square meters. If the gut is in a state of low-grade inflammation, it can lead to a permanently active immune system. It’s an immune system that’s in a constant state of alert, making it more vulnerable, leading to, for example, recurring infections or a hard-to-treat cold.

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Precursor to the development of allergic

Autoimmune diseases, depending on the person’s genetic susceptibility. From an evolutionary perspective, this is nonsense, because hunger drives. Us to find food, and in those moments we are more alert and efficient at hunting or gathering Chile Phone Number List than ever before. As is often said, hunger sharpens ingenuity. Without signals telling us what to eat. We would disappear as a species. What’s happening now? Well, the belief that “hunger is bad” paralyzes us and prevents us from continuing our daily lives. When you understand that hunger isn’t bad, and you accept that it can even help you perform. Better, you’ll stop eating until hunger sets in. On the other hand, if you feel hungry is bad, if you are afraid of hunger, then the sum of hunger and fear. Will push you to give up on the diet because you are interpreting. A danger when in fact there is no danger. In fact, if hunger is perceived as a threat, it is understood as emergent hunger and the intensity of hunger increases.

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