Copy the file back to the same location on your site

Since the security conditions require this editing page to be invisible, let’s not have it changed. But since you can make changes to your site via FTP, then; Download the file named header located under wp-conhead tag. . Actually, I could tell you to install a plugin for WordPress in an easier way. But every plug-in is a burden and I recommend the FTP solution due to the paranoia that you may not know what comes in the plug-ins.

If you are writing your own codes

remember that the Analytics code must appear on every page. Of course, if you want to be able to get reports from Google for each of your pages. Visit our Last Database page now to learn about the new version of Google Analytics, Google Analytics (GA), and the transition stages to Universal Analytics. Our Latest Articles images Monitor Your Site with Google Analytics: Adding Analytics Code to the Site

Images Tips to Consider

Last Database

When Choosing the Right Domain Name . images What is Digital Marketing, What Does Digital Marketing Do? — :: images How to Grow My Small Business in Steps Armenia Phone Number List  images Ways to Make Money from Your Internet Website Ten Software Home about us Services References Our team Blog Communication GET AN OFFER WHAT IS SEMANTIC SEO AND HOW IS IT DONE ?

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