Love Has to Come on Time

We held the Regenera Scientific Conference in Barcelona. I gave the first presentation that was about Has to Come how the pre-pregnancy period is the key to health programming. Wanted to start with a story to illustrate the importance of carrying out, as far as possible. A good health program so that the couple can begin programming the health of their offspring. I asked a great friend of and professor of our training in , Bernardo Ortín, if he could recommend me a story and he gave me a good gift with a story that he cites in his book, que . The tale of the fisherman and the genie, which goes like this: “Aladdin was a humble fisherman who, after throwing the net into the sea several times, pulled out a copper jar. When he opened it, a cloud emerged that materialized into an enormous genie that threatened to kill him. The fisherman saved himself by deceiving the genie: He mocks him by doubting.

The newly imprisoned genie describes that

Being confined in his bottle for the first hundred years, he said to himself: I will make whoever rescues me rich for life. But, the entire century passed, and no one freed me. In the second hundred I said, I will reveal all the hidden treasures Korea WhatsApp Number Data of the earth to whoever rescues me. But no one set me free, and so four hundred years passed. Then I told myself, I will fulfill three wishes for whoever rescues me. However, no one freed me. I became enraged and with immense rage I decided, from now on, I will kill whoever rescues me and that was you.” Can you imagine if someone had released the genius hundreds of years ago? He would have made him rich. Love did not come in time and turned into anger. Other examples would be: imagine a boy who falls in love with a girl and for months he is after her, but she rejects him, until one day, months later.

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How important it will be to generate

A plan so that the couple’s health status has a positive influence on their offspring. Mom’s metabolic state will greatly influence the development of future life and her predisposition to illness in childhood and adulthood. And yes, I said Australia WhatsApp Number List correctly that dad will also influence. In fact, recent studies have shown how the epigenetic influence of sperm in obese men compared to non-obese men. Will mark the susceptibility to metabolic pathology in their offspring. So, dad-to-be, it’s up to you too. If the couple’s health program is carried out, the numbers for the future child to get sick will be very low. Just as if love arrives on time, it will be able to flow. In the next post. I will talk about one of the factors that most influences this health program and that we rarely value: the influence of the family system in the pre-conception period. I will explain it, and I already anticipate it, with the concept of facilitation and amplification.

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