Pre-existing low-grade inflammatory state

Menstruation actually involves inflammation. This is a natural process and does not necessarily cause pain. But to do that, it’s important to know where the starting point is and to prevent monthly inflammation from becoming the straw that breaks the camel’s back. In principle, the entire month should be free of inflammation. Problems can arise when the microbiome changes, the intestinal permeability becomes too high, or toxic substances such as alcohol or tobacco are ingested. The same is true when the diet is rich in refined products. This condition causes silent, low-grade inflammation within the glass. So when menstruation occurs, the inflammatory process overflows. The problem isn’t the period, but the pre-existing underlying inflammation: the sum of both prevents adequate resolution.

The logic is overwhelming

On the one hand, we already know that around the intestinal barrier we find cells of the innate immune system. If there’s a lot of activity at this level, we have a problem where the immune system is constantly Brazil Mobile Number Database patching things up. It is too busy trying to mitigate the consequences of poor dietary habits, altered microbiota… If we add to this the insufficient proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids in cell membranes and the fact that drugs are also consumed, it seems inevitable that the inflammatory process continues. Moderate to Severe Food Intolerance When a woman has a moderate to severe intolerance to certain substances such as gluten and lactose and continues to be exposed to these molecules on a regular basis, the immune system can become permanently overactive.

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We are no longer talking

About asymptomatic inflammation, but rather moderate inflammation. This inflammation can cause symptoms at other times in the menstrual cycle. This makes perfect sense: in order to normalize a runaway immune system, a highly Algeria WhatsApp Number List irritating factor must be intervened. What should a healthy menstrual period look like? I have been bleeding for four or five days. The color is dark red, there are no blood clots, and it is not painful. Yes, There is a Solution to Period Pain I’m sure by now you know that period pain is not normal. There is nothing wrong with suffering month after month. Now it’s time to find a solution, which, of course, won’t involve medication. First, we have seen that taking anti-inflammatory drugs only causes inflammation, which leads to chronic pain.

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