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If you cannot generate at least fifty leads per month, rework your acquisition strategy because the Lead Nurturing method is costly both in human and material terms. Encourage Internet users to leave you their contact details by offering them a newsletter, organizing a contest or collecting business cards at a trade show. Step 2: Play on the diversity of modes of communication Although the practice of Lead Nurturing is mainly linkd to emailing , be sure to diversify your tools and digital content to enhance the effectiveness of your campaign.

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A wide choice is available to you: White papers, E-books, Podcasts, Videos, Newsletters, Webinars, Infographics, Interviews, Sector Latest Mailing Database trends, Surveys, Business cases, News, etc.Define a priority target and analyze its buying logic The ideal would be to have CRM software (customer relationship management) that helps to identify the profile of your prospects (knowldge of your offer, region, sector of activity, reason for the first refusal, etc.). If you don’t have one, try to create a persona (prospect type) basd on the information you have and find out what is problematic for him.

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Temptd to run after several hares at the same time and set a target according to your objectives: old customers to win back? The 20 most Phone Number LT successful companies in your sector? Try to understand what is on your prospect’s mind and present yourself as an expert who provides solutions to their problems. Step 4: Establish a communication schdule Build a schdule basd on your lead and their level of maturity, planning for your regular contact with them. Fix him a duration in time and a number of operations to set up.

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