How to Run Meme Marketing for Branding!

How to Run Meme Marketing – As a businessman, it is mandatory for you to find ways to portray yourself as close to your audience. One of them is by sharing your sense of humor with your audience. This method is effective for marketing plan strategies with viral goals. The concepts used themselves can vary. However, there is one concept that is widely used by business people, and that concept is meme marketing. What is meme marketing and how to carry out meme marketing correctly? MinTiv will explain it to you in full in this article.

What is Meme Marketing?

As the name suggests, meme marketing is a type of marketing whose process uses memes or funny content as the basis. The term meme was first introduced by Dawkins in his book entitled The Selfish Gene , in 1976. Long before that, the history of memes began in the 3rd century BC. Dawkins explains that a meme is an idea of ​​belief that spreads from one or many people to others. This Lebanon WhatsApp Number List term has become increasingly popular. Especially since the internet era of the 2010s, a time when social media began to spread, especially from Facebook. At that time, you might be one of those people who know FanPages such as Meme Rage Comic Indonesia, or Meme Comic Indonesia. You may also remember several legendary characters such as Yao Face, Bad Luck Bryan, One Does Not Quite, Mad Dog, Herp, Derp, Troll Face, Genius Face, Forever Alone and others.

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How to Run Meme Marketing

Using the previously existing explanation of tips, MinTiv will add several other tips that can enrich your meme marketing insight . 1. Understand that people’s tastes in humor are different. The first thing you have to understand is that for Bahamas WhatsApp Number List every humorous content, there are those who like it and those who don’t. Just because your content doesn’t make some people laugh doesn’t mean you have a bad sense of humor. For example, the video above can be funny content if it is aimed at the right audience , namely cat lovers. 2. Using Video Elements It cannot be denied that content that uses multimedia video elements is more liked by audiences. Even the types of memes that use video are more effective in attracting more visitor attention and interaction.

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