What Is Migraine and What Is Histamine. Part I

One of the main reasons for consultation in consultation is migraines. Migraine is technically defined as a disorder with episodic manifestations of headache associated with sensory hypersensitivity processes (photophobia, phonophobia, nausea and vomiting). Frequently, these headaches also manifest themselves with the so-called aura. By aura we understand different alterations of reality. These may be vertigo, flashing lights, or temporary blind spots. As well as erroneous sensations of taste and smell, symptoms of paralysis – paresis -, difficulty speaking – aphasia – or perception of noises, without the corresponding external stimulus. A migraine attack can be divided into different phases. Even so, not all patients feel all phases of migraine.

The 4 phases of migraine

Previous phase -prodromal phrase-. The pre-phase can be announced by non-specific symptoms, such as increased sensitivity, hunger attacks, hyperactivity and hypersensitivity to sensory impressions. All of these Sweden WhatsApp Number Data symptoms are the first indication that a attack is approaching. In response to these discomforts, fatigue, weakness and constipation also appear. Approximately half of patients experience the onset of an acute with this prodromal phase. A person lying down suffering from a Headache phase. The typical symptoms of – penetrating, stabbing, latent, spasmodic or pulsating – slowly worsen over hours. The pain usually occurs on one side only. However, the side may change during the acute  attack. The headache phase is usually accompanied by nausea, vomiting and aversion to bright lights and noises.

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Understanding Migraine

To date, the exact causes of migraine have not yet been definitively clarified . However, great advances have been made in recent years in the description of the phenomenology and biology of migraine. There is now a more comprehensive Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List understanding about the neurobiology of the aura , being caused by a neurophysiological phenomenon called cortical spreading depression (CSD) and pain, caused by the activation of the trigeminal nerve fibers that innervate the dura mater and cranial vessels (trigeminovascular system). . In fact, the variation in intracranial pressure produced by a sudden decrease or increase in blood flow is considered a determining factor. Still, there is much left to discover. What are the triggers of migraine and the various mechanisms of action that lead us to it would be some examples.

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