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Data-driven Marketing Digital marketing has always been valued over offline marketing for its ability to demonstrate results. But it’s not as simple as it seems. A simple campaign can generate millions of indicator combinations.

The truth is that as little data is explored, there is a world of opportunities. Data-driven concepts can boost team productivity and campaign results. But first, it is important to understand that it goes beyond reports and statistics. Being data-driven requires a cultural change across the entire company. And of course, technologies to enable and streamline this culture.

Read more in What is Data-Driven Marketing, what are the tools and how to apply eKyte is a platform for managing all phases of digital marketing, including data-driven culture. Artificial intelligence It is an additional step to the data-driven marketing mentioned above.

Data-Driven Marketing

AI is not a strategy, but rather a resource already present in digital marketing. In recent years, the most common application has been Brazil Phone Number Data the use of bots, which have caused the item mentioned above (conversational marketing) to evolve. Now, we see artificial intelligence offering other benefits: Increased productivity: Using AI algorithms to accelerate the production of content of all types will be within everyone’s reach.

Text production tools such as WriteSonic, Jasper and Copy.AI produce hundreds of good quality texts in just a few minutes. Solutions like Dall-E, which allow you to create images and illustrations with just textual descriptions, are helping designers be more productive.

Meta Ads and other platforms

Brazil Phone Number Data

The same technology already exists for automated video creation and tends to be widely used, as it is the format most consumed by users. (Worth reading about GPT-4) Increased performance: Google Ads, Meta Ads and other platforms Albania Phone Number List already offer insights to improve campaigns using AI. Advancing technology will generate even more specific insights by analyzing large-scale data sets and using machine learning.

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